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Lockscreen setting keeps re-enabling itself when I disable it

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In Poweramp Settings > Lock Screen, I have disabled "Enable Android Lock Screen" and also disabled "Enable Lock Screen". This is because I have added my own Poweramp widget to the Android lockscreen, so I don't want the default Poweramp lockscreen to be used instead.

However, I have found that the first setting there - "Enable Android Lock Screen" - continues to re-enable itself all the time. I'm not quite sure how, or what triggers this - maybe when the app is fully closed then later restarted - but I'll play music and turn off the screen, then later turn on the screen and discover that the default Android lockscreen widget is there again, and the option "Enable Android Lock Screen" in the settings has been magically re-enabled, all by itself. If I disable it again, it will inevitably re-enable itself once more at a later time. So this seems to be a bug to me.

What I'd really like to see happen, is that when these lock screen settings are both disabled in the settings, then Poweramp should show my own Poweramp widget on the lockscreen instead (rather than just showing the default clock widget), whenever I'm playing music and turn the screen back on. So Poweramp should recognise that my own widget exists there, and display that widget screen first when the screen turns on (and when I have those two options disabled in the Settings).

Regardless, it would be great if this setting stayed disabled permanently, when I disable it. No setting should go and turn itself back on again all by itself

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