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  1. So is this the best way to let him know about requests and issues, or is there another way?
  2. Yes, I've tried that, and then it does work as expected - the top menu bar fully disappears then, when the album cover is tapped. However I'd like to be able to use the Action Bar too, and have it use the same behaviour. I'm fairly sure that the Action Bar did behave that way in the past? But even if it did not, I think it makes sense that it should behave this way, at least so the behaviour is consistent with how the skinned menu functions. Are you able to ask the developer about this topic?
  3. I've just updated to 581 via the Play Store, and the issue I described above still seems to exist: the action bar icons at the top of the screen still stay there permanently, sitting on top of the album cover - they don't go away when you tap the image like they used to in previous versions. (The icons underneath the album cover, for repeat, rating, and shuffle, do go away when you tap the image), and this is how the icons at the top used to behave: 581 with top and bottom icon bars showing: http://i.imgur.com/3fKWzCn.jpg 581 after I tap on the album cover to make the icon bars go away - the top icons remain covering the picture (this is the behaviour that has changed): http://i.imgur.com/hScvhkY.jpg The way it used to look in previous versions when the icon bars were not visible - no icons sitting on top of the image - this is what I'd love to see again! http://i.imgur.com/hoDVRpu.jpg It would be really great if the behaviour of those top icons could be reverted so that they don't show at all when the image is tapped! And yes, I know I'm using a 3rd party skin here (as I'm sure many users are) - but this behaviour also exists with the default skin too. And ideally Poweramp should work in such a way that 3rd party skins - which are actively promoted in the settings via the "Get more skins" button - will not be negatively affected by the way it behaves!
  4. Another not-so-good change with 580 is that the icon overlays at the very top don't go away anymore - they stay there permanently, and they sit on top of the album cover: http://i.imgur.com/l9Dpx5L.png With the previous build, these icons would fade out of sight along with the repeat, star rating, and shuffle icons, either if you had "Auto Hide Panels" enabled, or else if you tapped on the album cover to make the overlay icons disappear. That no longer happens with 580. Can this change be reverted to the previous behaviour - at least as an option for those of us who prefer nothing to cover the album image - please?
  5. Hi devs, I wonder if you would consider using in-app billing for the Pro license of Poweramp, rather than (or in addition to) the existing method of selling a separate "unlocker" app on Google Play which is needed to unlock the main Poweramp app itself. With an in-app purchase, it wouldn't be necessary to download and install the seperate unlocker app, which would make things a lot simpler for customers to manage (all the more so on older phones with much more limited resources). There would just be one app to download, plain and simple, and it would automatically be unlocked when installed onto a new phone, as long as the phone was tied to the relevant Google account. A number of other premium apps are using this method now, rather than having separate unlocker apps. What do you think?
  6. In Poweramp Settings > Lock Screen, I have disabled "Enable Android Lock Screen" and also disabled "Enable Lock Screen". This is because I have added my own Poweramp widget to the Android lockscreen, so I don't want the default Poweramp lockscreen to be used instead. However, I have found that the first setting there - "Enable Android Lock Screen" - continues to re-enable itself all the time. I'm not quite sure how, or what triggers this - maybe when the app is fully closed then later restarted - but I'll play music and turn off the screen, then later turn on the screen and discover that the default Android lockscreen widget is there again, and the option "Enable Android Lock Screen" in the settings has been magically re-enabled, all by itself. If I disable it again, it will inevitably re-enable itself once more at a later time. So this seems to be a bug to me. What I'd really like to see happen, is that when these lock screen settings are both disabled in the settings, then Poweramp should show my own Poweramp widget on the lockscreen instead (rather than just showing the default clock widget), whenever I'm playing music and turn the screen back on. So Poweramp should recognise that my own widget exists there, and display that widget screen first when the screen turns on (and when I have those two options disabled in the Settings). Regardless, it would be great if this setting stayed disabled permanently, when I disable it. No setting should go and turn itself back on again all by itself
  7. Thanks Andre. But I'm already aware of that setting, and I already have it unticked. That doesn't remove the Delete button from the menu however. Furthermore, although unticking that setting prevents Poweramp from deleting the actual song file, it doesn't prevent Poweramp from deleting the song from the current playlist. So if I tap "Delete", the song still gets removed from my playlist, which I definitely don't want to happen! So my original feature request still stands: I'd really love the ability to remove that button altogether so there's no chance of anything being deleted from anywhere.
  8. I'm running Android 4.4.2 with Poweramp 2.0.9-build-555. If I turn on "Enable Android Lock Screen" in Poweramp's Lock Screen settings, and then I turn off the screen while a track is playing, and then I turn the screen back on (so the lockscreen appears), Poweramp will display its own little widget on the lockscreen automatically - it looks like this: http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y464/GermanKiwi/Screenshot_2014-05-03-16-33-51.png In fact Poweramp will show this widget straight away, without me needing to swipe left or right from the main clock widget on the lock screen. However, if I turn off "Enable Android Lock Screen" in Poweramp's Lock Screen settings, and instead I add my own customised Poweramp widget to the lockscreen (ie. as a 2nd widget alongside the default clock lockscreen widget) - then Poweramp will no longer go directly to my Poweramp widget on the lockscreen, when I turn the screen back on. Instead, it just shows the default clock widget, and I have to swipe to the left to get to my Poweramp widget - which looks like this: http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y464/GermanKiwi/Screenshot_2014-05-03-16-34-04.png So I'd like to request, if it's technically possible, the ability for Poweramp to display my own Poweramp widget on the lockscreen straight away when the screen is turned on, without me needing to swipe across from the clock widget. Just like Poweramp already does if I've enabled the "Enable Android Lock Screen" setting. I hope this makes sense!
  9. Hi, I'd like to request the (optional, user-selectable) ability to remove or hide the Delete button from the Poweramp menu, as I don't want any risk of accidentally deleting a file (or removing a track from my playlist) by clicking that button by mistake. I never, ever delete files or tracks via Poweramp, so I have no need for that button to be there at all, and there's always the risk that I'll tap it accidentally.
  10. Hi, would you kindly consider adding a new option for the Notification, which lets us hide the track number info? I'm referring to the track number which shows, for example, "9/50" on the same row as the song title, on the Notification. I'd love the (optional) ability to remove this track number info from the notification because it leaves less room for the song title (so the title is often cropped off), and because I personally don't need to see that info there in the Notification. I can view it from the main Poweramp window if I want to see which track I'm on. Thanks!
  11. +1 from me for this request! I find these "Jump Album" buttons rather annoying. I never use them - like the original poster, if I want to go to a new album, I prefer to manually browse to the folder or playlist using the library. And I've accidentally clicked those buttons numerous times, which is very, very annoying. So I'd love to see an option to hide them. Then, those who want them can keep them and those who don't can hide them.
  12. Ah, okay, that makes sense. So "Albums by Artist" would be the more accurate one to use then. I'm not sure why anyone would want to use the regular "Albums" view then? What advantage is there for that one?
  13. Hi, could someone kindly enlighten me to the difference between the "Albums" and "Albums by Artist" views in the Library? (The latter is hidden by default but can be enabled from List Options in the Library pane). As far as I can tell, both views are identical - I can't see any difference between them in terms of their sort order or the info they display. But there must be some difference or they wouldn't both be there.
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