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Open Playlist files (non-Library) from external file managers


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Please, Max and Poweramp dev team,

please add support for opening Playlist files from external sources and have Poweramp load the Playlist of files fully regardless if they are in the Poweramp scanned library or not

Please, this is important for USB OTG users like myself who plug their USB stick into their phone to browse files on he fly etc

BSPlayer already supports this feature in where I can open .m3u or .wpl Playlist file from a file explorer app in where the same root folder contains thr music to the corresponding Playlist file.

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You see, I can navigate to a folder of album music files in ASTRO File Manager (the folder is from a USB OTG stick, not sd card)

Then from ASTRO File Manager I can open the .m3u into BSPlayer and then BSPlayer successfully opens the plays list



If I attempt to do this with Poweramp then I get an error message along with an auto playback of a library music (which I don't want).

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