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Re-Organize Playlist Files (and save custom EQ settings)


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I love creating playlists within the app (it's very easy to do), but I'd love an option where I can change the order of the files (maybe an "edit" option by pressing the menu button within the playlist, then drag the files around). I tend to just add files to the playlist willy-nilly, and then I want them in a specific order (for a workout or commute or whatever). If I could just dump all my files into the playslist, then easily edit the order of the files within the app, that would be ideal.

Also, like most Poweramp users, I'd love to be able to save my custom EQ's, so if I want to try out a preset, I can easily go back to my custom one.

Those are the only two things I can even think of to enhance the app. It's fantastic. Best $5 I've spent in a while. :D


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