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Dedicated Folder/Library button


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I've been testing Poweramp for a few days and I like what I hear/see so far.

There is just one minor annoying thing: you have to press menu to go to the folders library browser. I'd like there to be a dedicated button on the player interface that takes me here, without having to hit the menu hardbutton.

The htc and samsung default players both have this and for me this provides a more fluent workflow. Going to the library to select music is a too common action to be hidden behind the menu button (my gf couldn't get music to play because she always forgets the thing exists)

Also the buttons that appear when you press menu are very small. They're quite hard to hit and I don't even have thick fingers. It looks very nice, but I think I prefer the standard android menu popup just for ergonomics: these buttons are a lot larger and therefore easier to hit. Half the time I hit eq instead of folder/libary.

Sorry for the long post. I'm really happy with this app and looking forward to what you come up with next. Keep up the good work!

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You can press the mini display with title/album/artist info to go to current selected list, and long press on the same mini display to go to the "parent" list (i.e. to folders, if song is from folder).

Menu button size depends on screen size, but their sensitive area includes the label and padding, there are a lot of UI elements in standard android which has similar sizes or smaller. PowerAMP UI is hdpi rendered, is looks "smaller", actual size of elements in pixel on screen is the same as other standard elements on Android platform.

There will be external downloadable skins possible for v2.0, so I think somebody will create larger buttons.



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I didn't know about clicking/long pressing the title display. Not very discoverable, but a nice touch :) Thanks for the tip.

Including the padding in the sensitive area is cool. It makes the buttons larger than you'd expect. I just found myself hitting eq from time to time. Then again the sensitivity of the htc hero at the bottom of the screen isn't everything.

I'm really glad you think about these ergonomics.

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