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Shuffling folders


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This is really great app, however there is one feature that i would like to see in the future releases. The feature that I have in mind is shuffling entire folders, *NOT* the songs inside the folders. For example when the playlist would reach the last song of a currently playing folder, it would randomly select the next folder and play all songs in that folder.

An example of the this feature can be found on foobar2000 audio player. You can try this feature inside foobar2000 by selecting from menu Playback->Order->Shuffle(folders).

Of course there is no need to implement this feature on main UI the of Poweramp(It would be nice though if implemented). It could just activated from settings menu, for example with a checkbox(Shuffle folders).

Anyway, Poweramp is really great for being very feature rich and FAST(please keep it that way ;) ).



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