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Where is our Poweramp IOS version?


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然而,现在换了一部iPhone,它自带的音乐播放器不能满足我对听感的要求,也尝试了很多其它播放器,比如kugoo、QQ music等,都感觉远不如POWERAMP来得动听。




Where is our Poweramp IOS version?
I came across the player Poweramp produced by your team one and a half years ago, amazed by the extraordinary sound quality and just into it without no hesitate and bought the authorized copy. 
I spent around 4 hours everyday listening to the music by Poweramp since bought the copy. I cannot even live without it now.  compare to our Poweramp, those other mobile music players are really nothing. 
I bought an IPhone recently, you know the built-in player. The apple player could never meet my definition of a music player. And I tried some other Apps like Kugoo, QQ music… they just can not even see the back of Poweramp. 
So, here, with my sincere, entreat your team to build an IOS Poweramp, I will be the first one to buy the legal copy. I believe I am not the only one expecting for the IOS copy and feel lost shift from Android to IOS. 
Die-hard fan of PWERRAMP, from China. 
And , if you can, please, build a Chinese version, there are a lot of my type in China waiting for the Chinese version. 


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