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  1. Wow! The sound quality is insane, I mean v2 was pretty good but this coupled with a phone that support the Hi-Res output is in a league of it's own, up there alone with Viper4Android. Really impressed by the work you've done. Now as for the ui it's another story, I liked the old one better. Now though this is most likely is due to both the lack of material design and all of the theming option v2 has (by the way the material theme by ikorolkov really is amazing for the v2) which make this one feel outdated. Definitely looking forward to future updates and hopefully the return of theme
  2. Just wait for foobar2000, if it's as good on mobiles as it is on desktop it'll just trash everything else.
  3. Not sure if that's a Lollipop related bug but, on my Shield Tablet i cannot add songs to a playlist directly from the menu. I either have to go to the song/album/etc list or adding files via the option on the playlist menu.
  4. Bumping this thread, i switched back to iOS and i seriously do miss Poweramp. Even the app which i had good memories of (eQU) doesn't come close to it, so is an iOS Poweramp version even still a possibility, or shall we just stop day dreaming?
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