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How to transfer eq/tone/rating settings between phones (while settings export/import feature is not implemented yet)?


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How can I copy the "global settings" information like eq/tone/rating from my old to my new phone manually while "folders.db" doesn't exist (and it really does not like described here; it's no visibility issue with OS etc...).

Where is e.g. the "rating information" stored? Or with other words: from where took an app like Titanium that information from a rooted phone? (...And no, I cannot use Titanium because the new phone is _not_ rooted. But the backup via Titanium was working for that old phone with the required Poweramp settings in the past.) Or can you recommend another backup-Software which is able to took the setting information of Poweramp and is working on a rooted and a not rooted phone?


I need a solution for this. I paid for this application... and it's useless when you cannot transfer those data between phones.


I'll appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!





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