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2 issues in lg g2

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I have 2 issues in my lg g2 and i will be glad if u can help me. 


When i hear music by Poweramp and use my headphones to stop/play music with the headphones buttons- suddenly Poweramp stops and the build music player is starting to play! 

That's so annoying. 

Can u help me how to fix it? 


And 1 more problem -  if i go to my files and press on any song the device asking me how i want to play the song and it give me some options: the build music player and google music but it not gave me Poweramp! 

I can play songs in Poweramp only if i get in the application and play from there. 


Can u help me with this issues? 


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Raise Poweramp's priority to the top in the headphone settings. 


This one is a hit or miss situation. Poweramp plays songs that are in the selected folders but not anywhere else. 

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