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Manage Music with Playlists


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Hi all!

I'ts new for me to manage my music with playlists but it is nessasary because the files get more and more.


So i started with creating playlsits and after this i've copyed my whole music files an the smartphone. Ok so far...

Than, i played all music files thrue and assigned it to the respective playlist. 

And now, my Problem - how can i comfortable assign new music files to the right playlsit on the phone?

Becouse if i somethimes overlook to assign new files to the right playlist, this files would never played by playing the whole playlist...you know?


This would help me:

I get e.g. 12 new music files, so i have manually to search one new file for one new file and assign it to the right playlist. Is there a function to play only files with are not in any playlist?

So this function would play only this new 12 files and after assigning no file more because all files are in playlists now...


Maybe there is already an other uncomplicated way for this...?


Ok, hope for help!


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i forgott to say:

Your list "Recently added" shows over 200 files. And the moste of them are already added to a playlist. If a play your list "All titles" so it doesent show if the title is already in one playlist....is see no chance to manage this...


I use Poweram 2.09 Pro.

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And exist an other way to manage/assign comfortable many new songs to playlists?

So i load them on my phone - search them one for one and assign them manually to a playlist...


Or what do you mean about this idea:

Is it possible/difficult to add a feature which let play all the new songs which where found after i check "read directory new" (or however this is called in english = "Ordner neu einlesen").

This would be really great!!! So a load e.g. 33 new songs on the phone - check "read directory new"  - so i get all new founded songs and check "play all new" and so i can assign them comfortable one for one to the rigth playlist :-)


What do you mean?

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