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USB Audio Out


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The functionality has been supported in Android since 4.1. USBAudioRecorderPRO supports the feature, but only has a bare-bones media player. The app enjoys a small following regardless.


For those who don't know:  This feature allows digital audio to be output via the USB port so it can be processed by an external device, such as a DAC. Using an external DAC will greatly improve sound quality over using a phone's built-in headphone jack.

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It will be great if Poweramp supports usb audio soundcard / dac like this basic player :





My usb  DAC is the hw card number 1, I can play wav file with  command line : "alsa_aplay -D hw:1,0 sample.wav" but i was unable to tell android to change my default soundcard to hw 1.

I try many changes in ALSA configuration files  but nothing to do ; Android JB doesn't care and Poweramp always use card number 0 or builtin card.


So please add support to route digital stream to usb in Poweramp.


Thanks !

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