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Holo Interface


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Holo style brings many useful features and and it is much appealing.

From the player view: swype from left boarder to right = call menu (intead 3 dots button)


Among others UI improvements needed.


Why PAMP UI doesnt gone overhauled to Holo style so far?


PS: I respect the developer and it efforts to make the app greater everyday, so please show some respect to myself, answering me.


PS 2:  Do not suggest a skin because skin not fills my feature request, nor tell that it is already on the  TODO list, because its not in there.



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I shouldn't post back here anymore but, Max, I could expect more from those that have payed for your development. You app is not supreme and you could be humble and answer customer's demands. What is this thread for if not to interact, btw?



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