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Crossfade when shuffling songs?


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I'd like to see an extra option added to the list of Auto-advance crossfade settings. Right now, we have:


* No Fading

* Crossfade non-gapless / non-cue songs

* Crossfade all songs


Could we have an option to crossfade when shuffles songs (though not lists). So:


* Crossfade when shuffling songs


Rockbox had such a feature, so it would be nice to add it to Poweramp.


A use case would be that, in the folder view, a user long presses on a folder and selects Shuffle. If the "Crossfade when shuffling songs" option is selected, the songs in that folder will be crossfaded. However, if the songs are being played as normal (using the Play option), the songs are played as normal.






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