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  1. Gapless AAC/M4A in v3.0 would be nice. There are a few players on Android that do support it (such as GoneMad), but I prefer Poweramp right now.
  2. I've been looking into this for a little while now, and can't really find a definitive answer. Maybe someone here will know: Which of the popular music codecs, MP3, M4A, OGG, etc., are most efficient for battery use? All my music is encoded in OGG, but would it be better to use M4A (AAC) if it's lighter on the battery? Does it make a difference in Android at all? I've read about something called OpenSL which seems to provide hardware acceleration for decoding music, but I know nothing about low level stuff. Anyone know..?
  3. The second option is how I'm going to solve it. To keep things tidy on the player screen, I've gone with: "Greatest Hits" -> "Greatest Hits (Queen)" "The Singles" -> "The Singles (Basement Jaxx)" "The Singles" -> "The Singles (Feeder)" Cheers
  4. I been playing all my music by randomly shuffling albums, using the library view. This all works fine, except for when Poweramp comes to albums with the same name. In this case, all the songs are grouped together into one big playlist, which is rather strange. Instead of getting just all the songs from one album, I get all the tracks from each album played one after the other. In this case, I have albums by Feeder and Basement Jaxx called "The Singles", as well as some singles bought from Amazon from greatest hits albums also called "The Singles". The results is that Poweramp will play tra
  5. Yes, fill your tags. You can find computer software that will get the audio fingerprint of the file and match it against an online database. That might be your best bet. Otherwise, re-rip your CDs.
  6. Ah, I finally found the answer to it, myself. Turns out that gapless isn't a part of the AAC standard (huh?!) and it's up to the individual playback software to support it. http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=AAC_FAQ#Do_AAC_encoded_files_play_back_gaplessly.3F Maybe we should request that Poweramp support it
  7. There seems to be a lot of questions about this, but I've not seen an answer yet. Does anyone know how to get gapless playback to work with MP4s when using Poweramp? I ripped a few CDs using Nero AAC, which played back fine in Poweramp. However, the playback wasn't gapless. There is a small break of a few milliseconds between songs, which, when listening to an album where one track seamlessly transitions to another, is quite disruptive to listen to (at first I thought that Poweramp was hiccuping on the tracks). Are there any tags I can add to the files? The reason I'm interested is tha
  8. I'd like to see an extra option added to the list of Auto-advance crossfade settings. Right now, we have: * No Fading * Crossfade non-gapless / non-cue songs * Crossfade all songs Could we have an option to crossfade when shuffles songs (though not lists). So: * Crossfade when shuffling songs Rockbox had such a feature, so it would be nice to add it to Poweramp. A use case would be that, in the folder view, a user long presses on a folder and selects Shuffle. If the "Crossfade when shuffling songs" option is selected, the songs in that folder will be crossfaded. However, if the songs
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