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MP3 vs MP4 - kbps


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I've got some flac and alac music files, which is mp4 format (mp4 is format, and flac/alac - containers, right?).

As well, I uploaded some of mp3 songs.

What the interesting point is, that when I check info of files, mp3 has proper kbps as on PC (some of songs 192, some 320).

But when I check mp4 files, it has 128 kbps. So actually, is it because of complicated (for hardware), way of encoding? So you encode in reduced kbps, otherwise device wont handle that amount on software work, to encode in good quality.

Is it right? So, actually, it means, that Poweramp, has feature to play loseless formats, without any features of this formats (even worse then common mp3!).

Is it possible, to have better quality of song?

As well, I tried to compare, on my PC, which has integrated audio soundcard, to play using Winamp, loseless format, using my Sennheiser (about 35gbr), so if I play loseless song, and mp3 the same one, I feel difference. But when I do the same on my Xperia X10, using Poweramp, I don't really feel difference. Is it related to thing I described in beginning of this post, or partly of hardware, that my phone holds (soundcard, or something else)?

With, Regards.

С Новым Годом ;)

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Flac files usually end with .flac extension (and this is the only extension supported by PowerAMP for flac).

Alac (apple lossless) can be in .mp4/.m4a - these both are mpeg4 containers. But mp4/m4a can have audio encoded in any format actually, usually it's either alac or aac.

In any case, PowerAMP shows the current codec used and the bitrate. For lossless files (16bit/44.1khz) the bitrate will be in 900-1100kbs range.

Those 128kbs mp4/m4a you have are probably aac encoded.

It's possible to hear the difference between lossy and lossless formats even on phones, but of course it depends on song compared, lossy codec/bitrate and headset/headphones.

I'm not sure what you mean by "without any features of this formats". The output of lossless decoder is always the same bit-to-bit as input used for encoding, this is the point of lossless encoding.


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