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Lock option for volume

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Hi admin,

When connecting headset, the Poweramp is running automatically, yes I like this feature.

But the sound is coming a lot loud.

Even I am putting the volume at low, next time Poweramp running at loud volume.

With this, earphones can be damaged easily.

So, please provide option for volume lock to certain point.

Or else, provide option for headset profile.

Actually this feature comes in ROMs. But if possible try it in Poweramp.

Because the phone we uses is in General Mode , and the volume is at 80%.

when we use Poweramp for Music, when the incoming call comes, the volume is loud and irritating.

So, I am asking update for PROFILES, 


(Upon connecting headset, the volume should automatically set to 20% as default and change the volume of incoming call according to that.)

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