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Case insensitive search for non-Latin characters

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When I try to search songs with Latin title (or another tag) the case is insensitive, but with Cyrillic tags search results contains only items that case are match.

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But is it bug and need to be fixed. The clause of the bug not in Android settings, Android provides you sqlite3. Sqlite 3 supports UTF-8 and UTF-16, but doesn't works with case-insensitive LIKE and ORDER BY for characters that out of ASCII-range. I found a several ways to resolve this problem:

- ICU extension for sqlite3 (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3944207/unicode-support-in-android-ndk)

- CursorWrapper (https://gist.github.com/ramzes642/5400792)
- Create additionally field for search and store therein lowercase'd text


Please don't forget for non-English users ;)

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