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Backwards Shuffle


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I'm missing a feature I used a lot from my iPod, where you could pick a song and then hit previous track and it would shuffle backwards, but then play the song you selected.


shuffle mode on

select song G




Song C plays

Song X plays

Song Y plays

Song G plays

the point being that if you wanted, you could pick a song you like, and then check in front and behind it to make sure the shuffled playlist was going to contain songs you're in the mood for

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In PowerAMP, when you shuffle, the currently selected list is taken and items are randomly reordered in, and the playing starts from the first entry in that list. Thus, there is no previous song, physically in this list when the first track from this random shuffled list is selected.

But I think it's possible to navigate (wrap) to the end of the list, the same way it wraps when Repeat Folder mode is enabled. Not sure if this matches ipod shuffling though.

Also, if this will be implemented, it will work only if one of the Repeat modes is enabled.

Thanks for idea.

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