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First of all, just say thanks to the dev team, because this is the best mp3 app I've used so far. I've been using the free version, and I have just upgraded to the paid one.

I have two sugeestions (the second will be in another post, in order to keep them separated).

Would it be possible to keep a "default playlist", like winamp, for example? I explain: right now, when you want to play files, you can play by folder, artist, genre, etc... but if you want to play some random files, you have to create a playlist, add files to that playlist, and later select "play playlist". It would be more usable if instead, you could do "add to current playlist", and then the selection would be added to the list of songs to play. This default playlist should be kept between shutdowns, and you could also export as a playlist.

Forgive me if thos can be done in some way, but I have not been able to do it. Currently I'm only using folder or artist/album play, because it's not very usable to save/load playlist every time you want to add songs.

Anyway... it's a GREAT program.


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