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Sync in MTP mode - Rescan?


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I usually connect my Android phone in MSC (mass storage) mode to sync music to my PC. Once done, I force Poweramp to rescan library

I was wondering if syncing music in MTP mode will require Poweramp to rescan anyway the music library.

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This seems to be an Android architectural limit, I wonder how Apple devices accomplish this.... probably those devices are set to autoscan by default.

@Magdaner, do you know if this option will use more power than usual?

Any drawbacks? For example, I see some cases when this could occur:

- the user will plug and unplug the phone (to a computer) just to recharge,

- the phone will be plugged to download pictures (no music modifications)

Each time the scanner will be activated..... correct?

However if this task isn't too much consuming (probabily it depends on the songs number, my lib is now set to 3k> songs) it would not require each time to request scan....

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