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click noises between tracks, how can i fix?


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Hi, I have a galaxy note 10.1, i'm assuming it should be powerful enough to run Poweramp without issues, when i'm playing music i generally have it on shuffle, my music is all in one folder.

a lot of the time when the next song is about to come on i head a click then the song starts (doesn't do it all the time but enough for me to want to fix it).

i don't have crossover on, so i have got my songs set to run the length of the track, i also unticked skip silence in tracks, incase it was ending tracks a little early, but that hasn't worked.

i am not using other apps when playing music either, a lot of the time when i have it on shuffle i will be doing other things, so its pretty much being an mp3 player only at the time. i tend to also be playing the music via bluetooth to bluetooth speakers (not sure if thats the issue)?

also sometimes when i unlock my screen when music is playing it will sometimes cause music to skip for a second until the screens open.

does anyone know how to fix this?


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