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Smooth Menu Scrolling (like Zplayer / WP8 zune app)


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Hello Poweramp forum,

Recently I downloaded a cool Android music player called ZPlayer that recreates the UI experience of the WP8 music player (found on Windows Phone devices).

I was amazed when downward Scrolling through the list of my songs,albums,genres etc...I was amazed at the sheer smoothness replicated to this Android app which made me think that I would like to experience the same scrolling smoothess for Poweramp too.


I am currently using Poweramp 2.0.8-build-516 and ZPlayer v3.2.03 on my Samsung Galaxy S3 stock ROM Android 4.1.

I hope others here can sample ZPlayer's smooth scrolling and support it being added to Poweramp. A tickbox setting could be added in somewhere within Poweramp's Settings>Look and Feel

Please support,

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• custom 'lazyadapters' for populating the listview images - for fluidity

• is extending the BaseView class and also setting the friction on the listview

• It is also related to setting the 'Friction' in android scrolling API

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