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Full headset controller for Poweramp


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Guys just want to share something, I wanted to control full music experience with the headset, it was not possible though only with the inbuilt Poweramp headset controller, so thought of using other headset controller and just come across with the Headset droid, it works charm with Poweramp without any conflict, you can say that both are made for each other, only thing you should follow that is to have proper settings, now I can rewind, FF, volume up, down and next track and previous track without touching the phone even.

Download Headset Droid from Google Play


Download the attached file, copy it to the headset droid folder which is in SD card.


set the target media player of Headset droid as - Poweramp

Now go to menu of import setting

import setting.

Note: this is single button headset control setting.

Poweramp "respond to headset button should be checked"

High Priority should be checked.

Follow these clicks-

Single click - pause/play

double click - Next Track

Triple click - Previous Track

Quadruple click - previous twice

Click and hold - Volume reset/raise

Double click and hold - FF

Triple click and hold - Rewind

Thanks and enjoy.

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