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  1. While searching hit two to the letters of the songs that you are looking for, the list will pop up. Select the song you are looking for and play filtered. Hope I did get you.
  2. This should be an optional, this is what Poweramp make different from others.
  3. Go to menu> Look and feel>General be sure that 'Keep screen on' is unchecked.
  4. Guys just want to share something, I wanted to control full music experience with the headset, it was not possible though only with the inbuilt Poweramp headset controller, so thought of using other headset controller and just come across with the Headset droid, it works charm with Poweramp without any conflict, you can say that both are made for each other, only thing you should follow that is to have proper settings, now I can rewind, FF, volume up, down and next track and previous track without touching the phone even. Download Headset Droid from Google Play https://play.google....kdm9sdHJp
  5. Max, Please provide a search option in your next update, as some phone doesn't have the hardware search button. Dave
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