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beat matching and notfication bar requests


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Hi, one of the main reasons I bought Poweramp was because of the crossfading feature. However some songs sound awful when they're mixed together like this. so it would be awesome if you could add beat matching on the crossfade feature, a lot of dj programs and music players have this option. I would be more then willing to pay again for this feature!

An other issue I have with the player is the control buttons in the notifcation bar. They're really crammed in together, and often Ill hit the wrong button (press skip track instead of pause, which is really irriating when listening to podcasts) I googled this a while back and read how you implimented the 'x' close icon to allow the it to stay pinned there after the music has been paused. I think it would be better if you implimented the 'swipe to clear' feature on ICS+ devices that closes the app by swiping to either side. This three remaining buttons could then be spaced out better.

or if not this, at least give some options to customise this, choose which buttons to have etc.


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