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Premature Trial Expiration

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Last Thursday I installed the trial version of Poweramp, to help make up my mind on the music player I wanted to use going forward. The next day Poweramp told me the trial version had expired. I e-mailed the developer (Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com) about this situation but have yet to receive a response. So... I thought I'd register on this forum and again ask for some help.

Just in case it makes any difference: my phone received an OTA update the night before Poweramp Trial quit working. Also, I haven't tried to uninstall/reinstall Poweramp yet.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Byron :)

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Being new to Android I was surprised to discover that uninstalling/reinstalling Poweramp seemed to reset the trial period: I was expecting better (Playstore or Poweramp?) controls on time-limited trials. After playing around with the trial version I purchased the unlocker.

I was somewhat disappointed about not getting a response from Poweramp support, it was part of my evaluation process, but I can only guess they had more important things to do than answering a stupid question. :)


Samsung Galaxy S3, ICS (Stock ROM), Poweramp Version 2.0.7-build-513 Full Version

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