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Too quiet and echo-y vocals?


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Weird problem I'm having, and I've narrowed it down to being a problem with Poweramp. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this and found a fix/workaround?

So, it appears that most of the time, the vocals in a shone played with the Poweramp app sounds muted and quiet and have an echo-y quality.

After I noticed this, I played the same tracks back and forth between it and Rocket Player and the default Google player, and yeah, it's Poweramp.

I played around with its settings, using different EQ presets and individually adjusting each EQ slider, but nothing makes the vocals more distinct and less like it's coming from a tunnel.

I like Poweramp, I want to use it as my main music app, but this weird issue that affects most tracks is making me lean more toward Rocket. Any ideas?

(As for why it seems to do it to most tracks but not ALL, I don't know. Example: Really really badly quiet and echo-y vocal in Tool and Tea Party, not too quiet but echo-y with Tori Amos, hardly quiet nor echo-y (but still a little bit) with Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog.)

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