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Thanks thanks thanks... and translation offer ! :-)


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First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude ! Such a great piece of app should reach the highest skies ! I spend 2 hours a day in train to get to my job and back home ... i own a Asus Transformer Infinity Tf700 tablet... and this app is such a breeze, such an happiness everyday. Can you imagine ? I can listen to every track of my 72,000 mp3 collection (on USB external hard disk) thanks to Poweramp (yes, i know, i'm crazy :-) )... Keep up the good job ! Really appreciated xxxxxxxxx Poweramp is the FIRST app I bought from the Google Play, it's enough to say... I'm just lacking the access thru Poweramp to the notation system I use in Mediamonkey (the best PC managing soft for music ever !)... yes, "stars" system of mediamonkey I mean :-)

And by the way, please contact me if you wish translation into French language (a shame it's not already done !)

Sincerely, my deepest and most sincere thanks again for having made a dream come true ...

Bruno <- France

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