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Streaming Audo


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First of all, ridiculously awesome app you have created kudos to you

Now on to my point. I have over 50gigs of music so I cannot maintain it all on my phone. I have been using a program called MeCanto with my original droid. It does a very nice job of streaming my audio (plus it puts all my music up on a central server so i dont necessarily have to stream from my PC) but the UI and features leave alot of to be desired. Plus I dont like using 2 different music programs, its just silly. Any chance you you will be adding a service like this? Id pay even more for this added functionality


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Love Poweramp Pro. I have been a user for 2 phones now. I am hoping against hope that the Dev. will somehow allow me to integrate/stream the music I have on my Pogoplug Pro. I have a 2 Terabyte drive with WAY more music than I can fit on my phone (even with a 32 GB card and 16 GB internal) I would love a way to connect to my Pogoplug Pro through Power AMP Pro (The Pogoplug Pro music interface is lame and your player ROCKS) Any possibility this will happen in the future?

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