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Strange playback slowdown

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I should say that I have posted this here, and not in bugs as it is not a Poweramp bug - the same problem happens on other players as well, including the stock Android music player on ICS. Also I have posted this in XDA OneX developer forum as the problem seems to be more phone related than app related, but I thought it would be interesting to post here too and see what others have experienced. So here we go...

Got a very strange problem happening on my HTC OneX which has survived reboots and firmware updates.

Suddenly in the last two days, if I start music playing (it doesn't matter which player - both Poweramp and the stock player exhibit the same problem), then switch off the phone screen and put it down, about 30 secs later, the music dramatically slows down - it's quite unlistenable. It would seem that possibly as the phone goes into deep sleep the processor is slowing and the music slows with it - there is also some crackling which might be expected with such an error.

Prior to the start of this problem there had been no problems, no updates to rom, kernel or Poweramp or stock music player.

It doesn't seem to be an app problem as more than one music player app exhibits the same behaviour.

As I use my phone extensively for listening to music, this is an issue for me.

Any idea?


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