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Though I am very happy with your product, it would be great if you can improve the sound for this player, especially the master volume. I want to get one of the high-end earphones (audio technica ATH-CM7-TI or anything along the line...) to get the profound/rich sound and I find your master volume is still not loud enough.. Also, there have been a number of comments about the sound being one of the weakness of your product (posted on the android market board by the korean users). Plus, eventhough your equalizer function is sophisticated enough to provide wide range of presets, it would be great to improve the sound quality of the raw music output itself if that is not too much trouble.

I am well aware that you cannot provide everything, howevever, most people here use this prog. as a substitute for their mp3 player(myself for example), so enhancement in terms of the sound quality should be placed as one of the top-priorities for your upcoming updates...

I know this is not an mp3 player, (maybe I'm being greedy) so you probably cannot get the same level of quality, but still, I am just expressing my humble opinion...hoping one day, my phone can truly replace mp3 player...

Thank you for your hard work.

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