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tracknumbers displayed in Album lists


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Dear Poweramp Team.

Great app. I would use it all the time, if only one little feature could be added.

To show tracknumbers in album lists. Winamp can do this, but there are other problems with Winamp that makes me prefer Poweramp.

When I go into the library section I can choose, amongst other things: Albums

When I choose albums I see all albums listed in alfabetical order, with information about the artist and the total number of songs the album contains. So far GREAT!

Then when I go into a particular album, I can see all songs with the title, the artist, the length of the song and album name. It would be great if the tracknumber was displayed also. (It is not here necesary to repeat the title of the album for each song, as the title of the album is displayed at the top of the screen!)

I am a professional tango dj, and this particular feature is of paramount importance to me, as I have custom made albums where the tracknumber refers to the year of recording. A bit wierd for most people I know, but essential for me!!!!!!

Njaal Bendixen

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