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Request: MIUI lockscreen album art support

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We tried to get in contact with the people from MIUI to possible work together to fix this issue... But I guess they aren't interested. They'd prefer you used their music player.... from what I am guessing.

I found something helpful to make third party music player work together with the music information on MIUI lockscreen. Here it is.


A specifc intent, which contains the information of current song and state of player, will be broadcasted when the state of MIUI music player changed or a specific song-metadata-request intent received.  And song info on MIUI lockscreen will be changed automatically when MIUI lockscreen have listened the specific intent. Below shows the intent which broadcasted by MIUI player.


Intent: lockscreen.action.SONG_METADATA_UPDATED
          tmp_album_path: paramString
          is_showmusic:  paramBoolean
          artist:  str1
          album:  str2
          track: str3
          playing: bool


A "lockscreen.action.SONG_METADATA_REQUEST" intent will be broadcasted by MIUI lockscreen when you tap the control(e.g. tap the time on MIUI lockscreen) on MIUI lockscreen. This intent can trigger MIUI music player to broadcast its information to MIUI lockscreen for display.


Intent: lockscreen.action.SONG_METADATA_REQUEST


Those API are undocumented. I post a thread on MIUI bbs before. But the developers of MIUI ROM never answer me the song information for third party music player supporting on MIUI lockscreen.  I get and guess the former information(so-called API) from decomplied "Music.apk" from MIUI ROM. 


You can get the "Music.apk" and some other files from Here. for analysis the API between MIUI music player and MIUI lockscreen. I think this will be very useful for Poweramp to support MIUI lockscreen album.


P.S: you can download MIUI ROM from here for test.

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