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4 Feature Requests


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Love the player. I feel like there are 4 ways it can be improved.

1: Gapless Playback

2: Retain Aspect Ratio of Album Art

3: Higher Resolution Thumbs For Album Art From Folder.jpg (not embedded)

4: Transparent Playback Controls

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Thanks for the request

1- planned (see TODO for the details)

2 - while I can add this option, viewable album art area will be clipped anyway, i.e. you can get album art clipped on the top and bottom if its height > width etc.

3 - what thumbs do you mean? Thumbs are only used in Lists and they have exactly the dimension of the frame for them (96x96 on HDPI devices).

4 - that will be possible with the custom/downloadable skins planned for v2.0

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Thanks for the reply...

With regards to the album thumbs, it seems as though when I add music that does not have embedded art but has it stored as Folder.jpg, the resolution of the art on the playback screen is much lower. As far as the aspect ratio goes, why not put the whole image on the screen without clipping it and leave a black area on either the sides or the top depending on which dimension is larger?

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