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User Interface Improvements


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Hi, I started using Poweramp a few days ago and I really liked it.

Although I have some comments about the UI. I don't know if it's just me but I like things clear and simple. I don't think equ or tone-vol buttons on the top of the player screen are necessary. I mean we don't use them a lot and we can see the same settings just by using the menu button. It's not nice to see a bunch of buttons around. One more thing that I think that is unnecessary is the song quality info at the bottom of the player screen. You don't need to show every single thing on the screen, exspecially the things we don't need much. Also there can be a button such as "+" in the playlists part. It seems to be really hard to add new lists. One last thing... When we are in the library section and we touch artists for example, the sliding effect is to slow. Nice but slow. If the UI effects can be faster the app will be much more usefull.

It would be really great if you guys can make UI improvements like these...

Thank you for a great app. ;)

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The funny thing about what you're saying is that everything that is on the main screen has been requested on multiple times and when we take them off we get hammered. I personally go through the settings and set it up to the way I'd like it... try doing that. Some of the song information and other buttons can be made invisible and such.

As for the slow animation, you can also just touch the screen while in mid animation and it'll jump faster... that's what I do when I'm driving and need to change the song quick!

Hope that all helps!

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