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Automatic Stop/Resume while leaving/entering the Car dock (or car Mode)

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Hi there

I'm using Power Amp mainly in my car (Samsung Galaxy SII) with the AUX enabled car dock.

Would it be possible to add aditional option to automatically Stop playing the music when leaving the car dock (or car mode) - and resume once in - the same way as disconecting the headset options are set.

I was using AutomateIt and custom app to sent the STOP key via BT Keys while leaving the car dock, and it was usually working fine, although after the upgrade to ICS 4.0.3 BT Control Keys stopped functioning at all, and it's kind of frustrating when the phone starts to shout via the speaker when I'm taking it out of the dock.

I hope that it's not that big of a deal to add aditional event hadler for this.

Thanks in advance

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I also use Poweramp in the car and getting hard time trying to stop it when i stop the engine (charge off) because background play feature can't be switched off and is completely immune to task killers. It seems that for now BT stop emulator app is the best solution.

Could you share the custom app you have. It'd helped a lot car android users.

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