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  1. Using Tasker to make the overlay menus for the car use I stuck on detecting Poweramp player window. The only way it can be detected is by its window title, but it's the same for the library - "Poweramp". At the same time eq. and some other screens have their own titles. I'm now using very complicated stuff to differ player screen from library that is not very reliable, so it'd be good to see individual titles for all the screens.
  2. I use Poweramp on tablet in car and I like current layout more. In car most of us sit on the right side so having controls on the left is a problem. Also I mostly use gestures to skip the tracks/albums. Now you have big album art zone so you can use gestures blindly, with proposed layout this zone is halved, also the track progress line is halved. And what's the gain apart from the bigger track name on the empty half of the screen?
  3. Thought it would be great before tried it in Neutron Music Player. Having something jump on your screen all time is quite disturbing. I'm all for new features but I think 500 build look is the best for car use.
  4. I also use Poweramp in the car and getting hard time trying to stop it when i stop the engine (charge off) because background play feature can't be switched off and is completely immune to task killers. It seems that for now BT stop emulator app is the best solution. Could you share the custom app you have. It'd helped a lot car android users.
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