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Persistent playlist positions


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(The longer I think about this and google around, the more I get the impression that what I want must be pretty esoteric. If there is another way to achieve what I want that I somehow missed, I'm all ears! Anyway, might as well get it out of my system:)

So I find myself listening to music in a number of contexts. One context is "regular" (in the car or walking somewhere), another one is "background" (need pleasant unobtrusive music to mask out the work noise), yet another one is "running" (need uniformly upbeat music).

"Background" and "running" are playlists, "regular" is just the queue (since Poweramp seems to lack the concept of an automatic "Now Playing" playlist).

What irks me about this arrangement in Poweramp, though, is that whenever I "switch context", the playlist/queue I switch to starts playing from the beginning. I'd much prefer it if it would start where I left it when context-switching away.

Do I perhaps miss some existing magic configuration knob? Or is this impossible by design? Any alternatives?


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