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  1. Nope, DVC on/off makes no difference. (Also, Poweramp is unusably quiet with DVC off).
  2. I wonder if this commit is relevant: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_DSPManager/commit/66b8a9505435b43763e33719ae55a92a3d88592b Specifically this bit in the comment: "Applications that wish to have their audio controlled by external effect application need to publish their session id using the AudioEffect intents."
  3. I know it's supposed to be OK, but on this here Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 running CM9 RC2 it doesn't work.
  4. Hi! I realize that the audiophiles among you will scoff at the suggestion, but I find dynamic range compression to be a very useful audio effect for playing music in the car. Can we have it, pretty please? (Or, as an alternative, an ability to use Poweramp together with CM's DSPManager would also work. DSPManager implements dynamic range compression).
  5. Let me just bump this (I sorely lack a playlist resume feature, and am now actively looking for alternatives to PA because of this. Not that the author needs to care since I've already paid for PA ) The absence of this feature is a real shame, as otherwise PA is, well, perfect.
  6. (The longer I think about this and google around, the more I get the impression that what I want must be pretty esoteric. If there is another way to achieve what I want that I somehow missed, I'm all ears! Anyway, might as well get it out of my system:) So I find myself listening to music in a number of contexts. One context is "regular" (in the car or walking somewhere), another one is "background" (need pleasant unobtrusive music to mask out the work noise), yet another one is "running" (need uniformly upbeat music). "Background" and "running" are playlists, "regular" is just the queue (s
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