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No album art on CUE folders anymore


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Chreddy, I was wondering that same thing and have not found a perfect solution yet either.

I have not figured out how to get album art to show for folders containing cue files when browsing the "Library" but I have found a way to get the art to show up if you browse in the "Folders" section.

My music folders are organised by having a seperate folder for each album. Each album contains all the MP3 tracks for the given album or alternately 1 MP3 and 1 CUE file. All my folders also contain a folder.jpg file with the album art. If you make a copy of the JPG in the folder, and then rename it to albumart.pamp then it will show up in Poweramp when you are browsing in "Folders" mode but still not in "Library" mode.

I hope I have explained this well enough to follow, and I hope it helps someone.

If anyone else has a more elegant solution to this problem, please let us know.

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