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Poweramp integration in Google Voice Control

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A while ago I asked to what degree Alexa can 'control' the functions of my Music Collection, which is stored on my Android phone, and is accessed by Poweramp.

Although I have Alexa in my car, as of yet, the consensus seems to be that Alexa cannot control Poweramp, to the degree that it can control Spotify or any other MP3-playing apps that work with it, and Amazon. This is a disappointment, as Poweramp is readily available wirelessly in my car via Android Auto.

Not despairing, I thought, let's use voice commands via Google, which normally works seamlessly with other functions in my car, a 2024 Mazda.

 But while I tried to use what I thought was the correct syntax, as far as Google commands are concerned, all I appeared to be able to achieve was move from one MP3 to the next, but not from one category to the next.

Indeed asking Google to find a particular composer, artis, or piece of music simply seemed to get as far as the voice telling me that it was asking Poweramp to carry out the request, which appeared printed on the screen after I had said it, but none of the actual commands seemed to achieve anything, except, as mentioned above, moving from one track to the next, having once chosen the work (mine's a classical collection, where pieces are grouped into sets of MP3s, to accord with the movement design of the work. This seems to defeat the object of the exercise, because I have to manually select things, using my master control-knob, rather like I had with my BMWs.

Of course, I understand that the issue may well be with Google, rather than Poweramp, which otherwise works perfectly, and I have tried to be impeccable with my tagging, using MP3tag.

Any ideas/help would be gratefully received - thanks, in anticipation!

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