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Use system decoder instead of Poweramp to save ressources

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I've made some comparison with other audio players and Poweramp uses more CPU than some players. I've attached a capture from adb top.

I have the same behavior with Musicolet (for example), it uses as much CPU as Poweramp, but if I disable Musicolet internal decoder to use the system decoder, the CPU usage from player is dropping.

There are some audio players which nearly never show in "adb top" during audio listening. I was wondering if Poweramp could have a mode with minimal CPU ressources, using system decoder/resampling/audio effects. Maybe you're not interested and you want to keep your internal decoder/resampling, but I would have been curious to see how Poweramp compared to others players with system components doing the job.

Are there some kind of hardware decoding for audio on Android ? I've never heard of it on Windows but I suspect it may exist on smartphone between hardware and Android.



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