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  1. I've signaled this in the beta thread but now that I see this thread, I think it's better to keep the problem here. So I have the exact same problem as hypomaniac-eric. My original post:
  2. Hello, I've opted for beta to test the wonderful equalizer-by-BT-device feature. It works quiet well, but sometimes it won't work. Especially with the Bluetooth from my car. When connecting to my car, the wrong equalizer preset is selected. I have to close Poweramp then remove it for recent tasks (sometimes I even have to force close it). When it restarts, it chooses the right preset. As long as I don't close Poweramp, if the wrong preset is used, even if I change preset manually, when the next song starts, the wrong preset will be selected again. I have the problem when connecting to my BT car, and also for the device following my car audio, so I think it is linked to the BT of my car. I've triple checked settings, removed presets, recreated it, but it's the same. I use Tasker for BT tasks and it manages to handle all BT devices well, so I think the problem is in Poweramp.
  3. You have to go to equalizer page. You choose your settings (equalizer especially). You click on "Save" button. It will popup a "Save Preset" dialogue, then you can choose a bluetooth device (it has to be active when you want to associate it). I noticed some bugs with my car audio bluetooth, but I need to investigate for a better report. For now, I had to force stop Poweramp to do the right association at restart.
  4. Wow. It's been 3 years (at least) that I search if it's possible to have an equalizer by bluetooth devices. I never managed to find an easy solution for that, so I've used different audio players. But every 3 months or so, I search on the internet if there's a solution, and today I find this post. I CAN'T WAIT ! 😁 You'll be able to close all requests for this: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&gws_rd=cr&q=Poweramp%20different%20equalizer%20bluetooth%20site%3Aforum.powerampapp.com Subscribing to this thread now.
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