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Poweramp playing while in standby

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I have an ATOTO a6 head unit, using Poweramp as the default media player. (Don't have the build number handy). Music playing will continue to play seemingly without any relation to actual time while the unit is off. Example, just today I was listening to an album on track one. I went into the grocery store for 6 minutes. When I started the car, the music auto resumed however it was on track 11 which was 38 minutes difference from the 6 minutes it was off. I have tried pausing before shutting off the car, however the same thing happens. The times vary randomly. Sometimes its only a couple of songs skipped, sometimes it skips to the last song of the album. The unit does not have any controls when the car is shut off and I know it is installed correctly, so I'm wondering why the random changes of track and position. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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