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Req: Cancellation of unintentional seek moves


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First of all, English is not my first language, hopefully seeking is  the right verb for this. I mean touching and dragging further or backwards to drop the play cursor at preferred spot.

I use and really like the static version of this bar. The way you can scroll backwards and forward during playback. But there is now way (for what I know) to cancel an unintentional touch

As long as I hold my finger the song will continue but as soon i let go it guarantee starts somewhere else playing in the song.

Please add a way to cancel this action: for example with dragging your finger off screen or, over a icon(or specific place) to abort the mission.

If this functionality in some way can be already achieved I would like to know how it works!

Great app, keep up the good work!


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I'll add onto this with a report that when in full screen visualization mode, one can mis-click the static waveseek bar, jumping the track forward or back. No other UI elements which are hidden in full screen visualization mode can be mis-clicked, only the seekbar, oddly.

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