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Volume keys wake up the phone!


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Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy S running official FroYo.

The problem is that when I'm playing a song in Poweramp and the phone screen turns off, if I press the volume buttons, the phone wakes up.

I have "Direct unlock" feature disabled. If I disable the lock screen altogether, the issue is solved.

Thanks for your assistance,

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Unfortunately, I don't think I will have workaround for that other than temporary reducing the screen timeout to minimal value (this is already implemented in available PowerAMP version). It's not the PowerAMP or any other app wake the phone - it's Samsung bug/feature wakes it when anything else than standard lock screen is shown.

On SGS 2.1, WinAmp is also crippled by this problem as any other Lock Screen replacements I know.

(WinAmp doesn't show the lock screen when you switch off the screen, but if you switch on the screen, get winamp lock screen and then switch off, it will wake up on volume keys).


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