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A-b repeat

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I've been badgering MaxMP for this feature for nearly 13 years lol

There have been advances in Poweramp with Lyrics but still no basic implementation of an A-B repeat.

I (and I'm sure many users too) would also like the ability to 'save' an A-B repeat selections to a playlist such as 'Bookmarks'

Please MaxMP the crowd has spoken! I know MaxMp personally doesn't like this feature himself but few other players (namely Neutron Player has it). I am a lifetime Poweramp user devotee.


In a private conversation MaxMP did confirm that it is in the TODO list but he's never commented about it on the forum. I don't know why he hates the function so much.

The internal Android programming code for such an A-B Repeat feature would be close enough to the existing the implementation of Poweramp's Bookmark function.



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