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Video loop as music visualizer


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Hi all, I was wondering if somehow a short video loop could be played on the background of the player, basically playing the video loop instead of a visualization.

That would complement so much the experience.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?


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Will this video loop be used for all songs or each song will have it's own? 

Whichever, I think it's not necessary, having one v loop for all songs will be boring in a short while, every song having one will consume storage, also consider the effect this v loop will have on Ram and battery when constantly playing. 

Left to me, even visualization will be removed from the app, am OK with album art. 


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Hi, what I would like is one video loop (chosen) for all tracks, basically like having the same visualization for all the tracks and change it when it gets boring for me. I specifically would like that for listening to specific genres, each with it's own aesthetic, much like how some YouTube videos work; a playlist playing over a video loop. It would be very cool it could be pulled off from a single app in Android (Poweramp).

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