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Full screen album art


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Poweramp is almost perfect what i find missing is a shake to next song (optional on-off)

and a full screen album art option

I realy like the big album art on TTpod but i use Poweramp cause of the sound settings

is there a way to make a almost-full screen album art but without too much scaling as on TTpod

This could be optional (for us that has bigger mobiles like galaxy note i would like smaler buttons and bigger album art )

so you swipe 2 fingers or click on album art to get it full screen

but important then when is full screen that you can change song swiping album art in full album art mode like when you do in the now normal mode.

this could be optional atleast

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Hi all,

I heavily second this request.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I like to listen to music on my way to work which takes 45 minutes - 1 hour each way. As my phone is connected to a power source I like it keep Poweramp running in the foreground and the brightness set at 100% (especially when it's sunny outside).

After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the Play, Foward, Back buttons were burnt into the screen. And it's not a temporary burn-I noticed it about a week ago and it's still there. Right now, I am trying to fix it by running a couple of screen burn apps, crossing my fingers.

I think having a full screen album art not only makes it cool-looking but also helps in reducing the chances of screen burn-in. The question that remains is the aspect ratio of the screen vs the album art. It would nice to keep the album art size proportional and the rest is just a gradient of color based on the colors in the album art (kinda like what Poweramp has right now for the frame).


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